Micab Inc. Holdings: On-demand ride-hailing application coupled with mobile advertising

Micab Inc. Holdings

On-demand ride-hailing application coupled with mobile advertising

Dont count out the cabbies just yet.

Our platform utilizes similar technology to deliver a better taxi riding experience for all involved, while also tying in a proprietary advertising interface.MiCab is especially useful in markets where Uber (and the others) havent yet been accepted, like the Philippines where weve acquired over 5,000 users already.

Join us for this taxi uprising and a great investment opportunity!

Led by Ubers launch in 2009, these innovators successfully combine geolocation, peer-to-peer networking, and unmatched convenience to turn the industry on its head.Now, the worlds people are getting around town quicker and cheaper than ever before.

So with the TNCs new business model and their cutting-edge technology, what are the traditional taxi companies to do?Though theyve taken a serious hit, the industry is long-standing and actually not in that bad of shape; in fact, it grew by almost $700,000,000 from 2012-2014.Despite the TNCs power, traditional cabbies arent going to simply disappear but are certainly in need of technological and infrastructural improvements.Existing companies simply do not possess the digital expertise needed for creating a sound transport hailing platform, and therefore cant continue to compete with TNCs.They could seriously benefit from a tech partner who would allow them to stay relevant.

Regulatory factors are also helping to keep traditional taxi companies afloat in certain markets.Take the Philippine market, for example.The Southeast Asian nation recently introduced strict regulations for ridesharing apps like Uber, making it tougher for them to operate without paying taxes and following other initiatives.Drivers and passengers are also becoming fed up with a lack of compensation and high prices.In a nation with a population density of 887 people per square mile many of them without their own vehicles the opportunity in the Philippine market is ideal.

Due to these factors, the Philippines and many other Southeast Asian nations are still relying on traditional taxis. A taxi-hailing platform is precisely what is needed to connect with these markets and now, they finally have it with MiCab.

This not only eliminates the endless wait times traditionally associated with finding a ride, but also increases volume and revenues for the companies.Taking value even further, our team has built a proprietary, targeted advertising platform interface into MiCab bringing in revenues from even more directions.We are currently serving customers and fleets in the Philippines but will be entering other surrounding markets later this year, while also expanding into other forms of transportation.

Most all other TNCs partner with individual drivers.At MiCab, we do things a bit differently; we partner with the taxi companies themselves instead.This, combined with the advantageous relationships weve built in the Philippine government, gives us a huge competitive advantage and virtually guarantees full market penetration.While our competitors face bans throughout the nation, were able to shut them out and stand alone.

At MiCab, we pride ourselves on providing the safest, cleanest, and most comfortable rides on the market today to our customers. Heres a step-by-step look at how we do it:

Company partnership We seek and partner with only the best taxi companies. All partners have already performed extensive background checks on all their drivers.

Fleet onboarding Once teamed up, we onboard a companys entire fleet at once with our easily-integrated software. Each car gets one tablet; once the driver registers, they can immediately begin picking up MiCab riders.

User download/registration To start receiving rides, users simply need to download the MiCab app onto their iOS or Android device, fill out a few fields, and register.

Ride request Riders, just open the app to begin getting rides. Location is automatically recognized; just enter in point A, point B, and tap get MiCab to get your ride.

Driver notification Once a ride is requested, the system searches for the nearest available taxi and immediately notifies the driver. Chat options are also available.

Payment and review Payment is made in person once the ride is completed, then prompting an Uber-like review feature.

Our platforms top feature (and a great differentiator) is undoubtedly its advertising interface.The same locator technology utilized to locate riders is utilized to access their user profiles and pinpoint their advertising demographics.Using this data and our advertisers desired goals were able to deploy ads that fit the proper passenger criteria at the moment they enter the taxi.Ads are shown both inside and outside the taxi in a variety of places on the users phone, on the drivers tablet, and on a two-way screen on top of the roof (those outside can also see this). This proprietary advertising platform is backed by four utility patents.

Other features and benefits were proud to boast:

Driver chat, allowing the driver and rider to get on the same page for free;

Real-time tracking, utilizing geolocation so riders can keep tabs on their drivers;

Quality vehicles, the majority of which have been manufactured within the past 4 years;

Ride history, allowing riders to review all details of past MiCab rides;

A rating system, ensuring drivers and passengers hold up to our quality standards;

Ad analytics, backend performance metrics similar to Google AdWords;

Low prices, with much lower booking fees than our competitors.

But wait, theres more! Check out some other exciting milestones weve reached:

Fully deployed in two cities. Taxi companies in Cebu and Iloilo, two of our nations largest cities, are already reaping the benefits of MiCab.Last years version 1 beta release in these two markets has already seen 700 taxis added to our fleet including many leading companies.

Users are riding in style.Over 5,000 app users have signed up and are enjoying rides during this same short period of time.Theyre using MiCab to the tune of around 700 bookings per day.

Were building key relationships. Our execs are in ongoing talks with Petron and BPI (a leading Philippine bank), whos interested in becoming our first Fortune 100 Philippine account. Were also exploring partnership options with Lazada, a popular e-commerce conglomerate.

Proprietary assets are protected.Weve been granted fourpatents that provide priceless protection against potential competitive attacks: two for our moving ad interface, and two for its data components.

Suppliers are secured. Global powerhouse Lenovo is handling our tablet manufacturing.SMART and Genii Hut are in place to provide our telecom and LED services, respectively.

For more information on what the future holds for MiCab, please request access to the private side of our Fundable profile.

Our platform utilizes similar technology to deliver a better taxi riding experience for all involved, while also tying in a proprietary advertising interface. MiCab is especially useful in markets where Uber (and the others) havent yet been accepted, like the Philippines where weve acquired over 5,000 users already.Join us for this taxi uprising.

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